Spanish For Foreigners

SPANISH-. It’s the second most important language in the world and the third of the most spoken by about 400 million native speakers. In the United States more than 35 million people are native Spanish speakers

and in many other countries like Australia, New Zealand and Sweden, Spanish is taught throughout the school systems as a second language.

All our teachers are native speakers qualified and experienced with university degrees. Willing to transmit their enthusiasm for Spanish language and culture. They ensure that course work is relevant to our students’ interests and objectives, utilizing a wide range of techniques and materials to vary the pace and variety of the Spanish classes. Our Spanish courses are offered year-round and start every Monday Students can take classes for as little as one week up to an indefinite period of time. You will learn with us in an entertaining and effective way participating in real communicative situations led in the classroom, so that you can practice the language from the very first lesson. Also, our courses have a maximum of 10 students, so you will be given a personalized attention.

We use a communicative method by which you will practice and use your Spanish from your first day at the school. This communicative approach enables the student to get the strategies and knowledge she/he will need to manage in a Spanish environment. The main advantage to one-on-one lessons is that they are specifically structured according to each student’s individual needs, after an interview with the student, we design a tailor-made program for each student.

The Standard Spanish Language Course.

Is aimed at students who wish to combine the study and learning of the language with free time for themselves. This half-day course covers all the main skills of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and is taught within a conversational framework. In addition to your classroom study, you can join culture/conversation classes.

Learning Materials: The school will lend the Course Book to students. Homework and exercise books are included in the tuition fees and property of the students.


  • Duration: 2 to 24 weeks
  • 20 Spanish lessons + 4 Culture/conversations lessons per week
  • Timetable: 7:45 to 11:05 or 15:00 to 18:20
  • Course starting date: every Monday
  • Level: All levels from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1)


Spanish + Volunteering

This option is available to student booking a Standard Spanish Language Course for a minimum of 4 weeks. It gives you the unique opportunity to live and work as a volunteer in one of several sectors of the Colombian society.

Some of the options are to teach English to our local students,

The majority of these volunteer options are compatibles with the Standard Spanish Language Course and the students may take the courses at the school while working simultaneously in the capacity of volunteers.

All volunteers must have an Intermediate level of proficiency in the fours skills of Spanish: reading, writing, comprehension and oral communication. The students enrolled must make a commitment to stay with the program for a minimum of 4 weeks.


  • Duration: 4 weeks minimum
  • 20 Spanish lessons + 4 culture/conversations lessons per week + Voluntary work
  • Course timetable: Timetable: 7:45 to 11:05 or 15:00 to 18:20. Volunteer work timetable to be confirmed upon arrival.
  • Course starting date: every Monday
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced


One-to-One Spanish Language Course (20, 25, 30 or 40 lesson per week)

This Spanish language course is aimed at professionals; teachers or university students who wish to improve their linguistic knowledge in as short time as possible or who wish to reach a survival level in a few days. The language course is based on the participant’s skills and professional or social needs. Work material can be incorporated into the course. The length and intensity is the choice of the participant.

The school can also offer a two-to-one option for 2 students with the same Spanish level who want to study together with the same teacher.


  • Duration: 1 week minimum
  • 20, 25, 30 or 40 lessons per week
  • Timetable: determined with the teacher
  • Course starting date: any Monday
  • Level: All levels from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C2)


Room & Board

The Corporation Michigan School attaches great importance to your accommodation. The home stays are carefully selected, as are the residences and apartments. Staying with families allows students to practice the language and to become acquainted with the culture and lifestyle of the local people. We try to place only one student of the same mother tongue when multiple students are staying in the same family, which cannot be always guaranteed depending on availability and seasons. The definition of a homestay may vary from the traditional family description. Host families may include working / retired – couples / single women / be of various religious, ethical and professional backgrounds / be with or without children.

All accommodations start on Sunday (before the course) and end on Saturday (after the course). There will be a charge for extra days. Requests for extra days should be made in advance and cannot always be arranged. All changes involve a change fee and sometimes changes cannot be processed due to availability or time constraints. Special cancellation terms may apply to non-homestay accommodation types. Last minute bookings (less than 3 weeks before departure in the non-summer and less than 6 weeks before departure in the summer) may result in availability problems.

Most accommodation types do require a damage deposit to be paid upon arrival, which is refundable. Some accommodation types will charge an extra charge for cleaning / electricity or other utility charges.

Some accommodation types require the client to pick up the keys at reception / rental office and / or the reservation of an airport transfer at additional cost to deliver the keys to the client.

Accommodation only available to language course participants and their travel companions.


Farms & Rural immersion (countryside)

Are held in Subachoque the most exclusive rural zone of Colombia, 48 kilometers outside (30 miles) from Bogotá D.C. (See our location in Google Maps)

Our geographical location in the high part of a mountain chain, that frames the valley of Subachoque . Our environment is totally natural, far from the noise and pollution, but near the products and services that a city offers. It is a place adapted to be disconnected to learn and practice Individually or in a group courses, Michigan School offers: intensive Spanish training, private Spanish lessons, Spanish for Business, Medical Spanish, in an environment full of rocks, meadows, gardens and flowers, you can enjoy, the healthiest natural environment, under the stars, music and the heat of a good chimney, Michigan School has a group of professionals dedicated to provide the tourist tools to be initiated or to be perfected in the learning dancing Salsa, to know ours cities or to travel around in our country enjoying their innumerable wonders.

MICHIGAN SCHOOL offers you the best rural immersion Spanish course